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Blend No. 12 Vitality Organic Loose Leaf Amber Glass Jar


Smiling, wide-grinned in a line-up of old greats stands our zesty Vitality blend. A little bit sweet and a little bit spicy, this classic knows exactly how to make you feel good inside and out. Charged with soothing sore tummies and boosting immune systems, the only thing this blend is guilty of is loving you too much.

Medicinal Benefits 

This herbal blends ingredients are known for their digestive aid properties, helping to stimulate gastric juices that promote healthy digestion. It also holds antibacterial properties from the hibiscus and liquorice root that help to boost and stimulate immune systems. 

Tastes Like 

slightly sweet, light tangy aftertaste, warming spice and soft lemony aromas. 


Organic ginger root, organic lemon myrtle, organic hibiscus petals, organic lemongrass, organic liquorice root. 

Caffeine Free 

100g serves up to 50 cups (based on 2.5g dose)