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Blend No. 18 Namastayinbed Organic Loose Leaf Tea


Breathe in and breathe out, our herbal hero is here to take the stress away. Renowned for its delicate fruity flavours and gentle floral undertones, this tisane assists with relaxation, insomnia and a general calming of the mind. One sip and you will be chanting namastayinbed. 

Medicinal Benefits 

Our Namastayinbed tea is a blend of chamomile flowers, rose petals and calendula petals. These herbs are renowned for their calming and relaxation properties as well as praised for their functions in digestive aid, making it the perfect before bed tea to sip on. 

Tastes Like 

Sweet earthy tones, light in flavour, smooth floral aroma 


Organic chamomile, organic rose petals, organic calendula petals. 

40g serves upto 50 cups of tea (based on 1.5g dose)

Caffeine Free