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Organic Golden Milk Turmeric Blend Tea Latte Powder


Born in the heart of India, our Golden Milk Turmeric Blend is the perfect combo of comfort, warming and velvety spice. Revered for its potent anti-inflammatory property of cucumin, and immune-boosting benefits, it has earned the crown as golden child of our tea latte family. 


Brewing Instructions

Step 1: 1/2 tsp into cup or small bowl. Pour 30ml hot water (85-90°C) and work into a paste
Step 2: top with 30ml hot water
Step 3: Whisk vigorously in zigzag motion until tea is frothy. Enjoy straight from the bowl, or top with heated milk for latte.


80g Net Wt 

Yields up to 80 cups 

Ingredients: Turmeric*, Ginger* & Black Pepper*

Sugar free

Dairy free

Gluten Free

*indicates certified organic ingredient


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