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Blend No. 4 Flower Queen Organic Loose Leaf Tea


I see you looking at me and my robust green leaves. Or is it my luscious pink rose petals that are making you blush? We know it’s hard to resist the charms of this intoxicating blend. So, don’t. Let go of your inhibitions with this subtly sweet and delicately floral tea. Like a warm familiar hug, this unique blend of green tea, jasmine, rose and vanilla will leave you feeling indulged like the Queen you are.

Medicinal Benefits

Rose Petals are known for number of medicinal benefits, stimulating and also maintaining healthy digestion, alleviating menstrual pain, and also it's high vitamin C that acts as antibacterial that's known for working wonders for the skin. 

Green Tea is also renowned for a number of health boosting qualities, but it's most famous for its high antioxidant components of EGCG (epigallette-cachin-gallet) which is the most potent antioxidant present in the plant. Green tea also contains caffeine so this tea is a great gentle stimulant for mornings and afternoon consumption. 

Tastes Like 

Soft grassy notes, sweet floral undertones and aroma. 


Organic green tea, organic jasmine flowers, organic rose petals, organic vanilla bean

Contains Caffeine

100g serves up to 50 cups of tea (based on 2.5g dose)