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Blend No. 21 Jasmine Dream Organic Green Tea


Patches of sun dance around a moss padded courtyard, the scent of jasmine creeps in, unravelling around the pages of your book. Lose yourself in a cup of fine green tea softy scented with jasmine flowers. This West End Tea Co. favourite is best enjoyed alone in crisp white sheets or amongst the most inspiring of company.

Medicinal Benefits 

Green Tea is also renowned for a number of health boosting qualities, but it's most famous for its high antioxidant components of EGCG (epigallette-cachin-gallet) which is the most potent antioxidant present in the plant. Green tea also contains caffeine so this tea is a great gentle stimulant for mornings and afternoon consumption. 

Tastes Like 

light grassy flavour, sweet floral notes


Organic camellia sinensis, organic jasmine flowers

Contains Caffeine

60g serves up to 30 cups of tea (based on 2g dose)