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Blend No. 33 Beauty Sleep Organic Loose Leaf Amber Glass Jar


Is counting sheep leaving you a little woolly-eyed? This tisane is bursting at the seams with powerful health herbs specifically blended to help you get the beauty sleep you need. Wake up revived and refreshed as our key ingredients also help to promote a healthy clear mind and stimulate liver detoxification. 

Our beauty sleep blend is a rich herbal concoction of linden flowers, sarsaparilla root, hibiscus petals and lightly sprinkled with ginger. 

Medicinal Benefits 

Linden flower has traditionally been used for it's gentle sedative effects, due to this effect it has been used as herbal sleep aids and also widely considered to be a quality herbs in relieving anxiety. Sarsaparilla is known to bind with toxins in the blood and is also a diaphoretic which means it helps to promote excretion of toxins through bodily waste and also through sweating. 

Tastes Like 

soft herbal flavours, with a light tang and slightly spicy.  


Organic linden flowers, organic sarsaparilla root, organic hibiscus petals, organic ginger root

Caffeine Free

100g serves up to 50 cups of tea (based on 2g dose)

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