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14 Day Kick Caffeine Pack


we have a 14 day challenge for you to kick that caffeine habit and be well on your way to be one of those bubbly-full-of-engery people we all scowl at before our first cuppa of the morning. The blends we have chosen to help you ween yourself off caffeine are listed below.

14 Day Kick Caffeine Pack includes sample sizes of all fourteen blends, and a ball infuser to brew with! 

Day 1. English Breakfast

Day 2. Ratbag Boyfriend

Day 3. Earl Grey

Day 4. Flower Queen 

Day 5. Beam Me Up Scotty 

Day 6. Jasmine Dream 

Day 7. Indian Masala Chai 

Day 8. Lemongrass & Ginger 

Day 9. Delightfully Turkish

Day 10. Vitality 

Day 11. Vanilla Spiced Chai

Day 12. Red Vanilla Rooibos 

Day 13. Peppermint Tisane 

Day 14. Namastayinbed 

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