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Blend No. 5 Delightfully Turkish Organic Loose Leaf Tea

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Baby Pink Rose Petals & Vanilla Rooibos...Need we say more?
This intoxicating blend of rich exotic flavours will stir the soul and transport you to a place only those who've tried it know.

Medicinal Benefits 

Rooibos tea is widely considered a good source of minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and zinc. The many minerals and nutrients that are present in the herb are known to work in synergistic balance to aid in better absorption. Because of these high mineral components Rooibos tea is commonly consumed as an aid for skin, hair and bone health.

Rose petals are known for number of medicinal benefits, stimulating and also maintaining healthy digestion, alleviating menstrual pain, and also it's high vitamin C that acts as antibacterial that's known for working wonders for the skin.  

Tastes Like 

lightly sweet with soft nutty and floral undertones 


Organic rooibos, organic rose petals, organic vanilla powder 

Caffeine Free

75g serves up to 35 cups of tea (based on 2g dose)

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