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Pistachio Crusted Golden Milk Choc-Tops

Posted by Tess Walker on
Flashback to a childhood outing with the family at the movies. You order the usual suspects – a popcorn and a drink, but today you’re feeling adventurous so you try your luck. You think, will it work, or will it not? You gather the confidence and you ask in your most charming voice, “Mum/Dad, you know I love you so very, very much. Can I pleeeease have a Choc-Top ice-cream?”. There, it’s done – out in the open. They know what you want, but will you succeed in obtaining it? You’ve gone all in, there is no turning back now.
After what feels like hours, you receive a smile and a nod of approval from the boss, and then all teams are go! You feel like you’ve won the lottery, you’ve got it; you’ve got the sacred movie snack – the all-mighty Choc-Top ice-cream! You grasp it in both hands, because using only one runs the risk of dropping the cone, which would be as devastating as dropping the Olympic Torch.
Golden Milk Nice Cream
During the long walk to the theatre, your eyes don’t sway from the chocolatey goodness; if it starts to melt, you won’t miss a drop. Finally, you make it to your seat and you immediately peel back the plastic casing. You pause, admiring it for a few moments. It is a work of art. You can’t wait any longer, you take your first bite as your mouth waters for some cold, chocolatey goodness. Crunch! One big bite and you are filled with pure bliss.
Minutes later you realise you are onto your last bite and the movie hasn’t even started yet! A bitter-sweet feeling overcomes you. You relish the last mouthful, chewing it for a little longer than normal. Done, gone. “Until next time, my friend,” you whisper while patting your stomach, satisfied you conquered the almighty theatre treat. You shrink back into your seat just as the curtains begin to open and you watch the movie in heaven, dreaming about the next time you get to relive the sweet, sweet, taste of a choc-top cone.
Golden Milk Nice Cream West End Tea Co.
Ahhh, what a trip down memory lane that was! But, let’s be honest, I still get just as excited. I suppose though, now being an adult and all I could have choc-tops whenever I want (that is a dangerous thought). In 5 years, you’ll see me on the TV show ‘My Strange Addiction’ shamefully admitting to my friends and family that I am addicted to choc-top ice-cream cones. “It’s all I eat, I don’t know how to stop!”, I will sob. While a serious possibility, the only scenario saving me from this fate is the fact that I would get bored of the same ol’ vanilla ice-cream and chocolate topping combo before I ever became addicted.
Golden Milk Nice Cream West End Tea Co.
Plus, I have grown past this. I am on to bigger better, fancier things –  I eat Magnums now. Although Magnums are scarily delicious, we all know that anything home-made is best. And considering my metabolism is not the same as it was 10 years ago, I have created a Frankenstein-esk ice-cream, inspired by the classic choc-top with the added fanciness of a Magnum.
Introducing the Pistachio Crusted Golden Milk Choc-Top Ice-cream Cone (the long name makes it more fancy, you see).

Pistachio Crusted Golden Milk Choc-Tops

Makes: 2 Cones 
Time: 1 hour 
1 cup of coconut milk (I used canned but you can also use drinking coconut milk)
1 tablespoons of Golden Milk Tea Latte Powder
2 tablespoon of Honey // Agave Nectar **
2 peeled, chopped and cold bananas (frozen)
1/2 cup Milk Chocolate / Dairy Free Dark Chocolate **
2 waffle cones (optional)
** Vegan Option 
In a blender, add 1/2 the amount of frozen banana chunks and half the amount of milk until smooth, gradually adding the remainder of the frozen bananas and milk blending until smooth. Agitation may be necessary.
Pistachio Crusted Golden Milk Choc-Tops
Once mixture is smooth, add golden milk powder and Agave and blend again.
Golden Milk Nice Cream West End Tea Co.
Golden Milk Nice Cream West End Tea Co.
Transfer mixture into freezer safe container, and return the freezer for 20-30 minutes to harden.
Once frozen, scoop out mixture and set in the cone, return to the freezer as to not melt while melting chocolate. To help the cones stay vertical, I used some tumbler glasses to place these in while sitting in the freezer. 
In a double boiler on the stove, slowly melt the chocolate to a smooth and silky consistency.
Golden Milk Nice Cream West End Tea Co.
Once melted, get the nice cream cones out of the freezer and roll the nice cream in the melted chocolate while using cone as a handle.
Straight away roll the chocolate through the pistachio crumbs and return to the freezer to set. If your not going to eat these straight away, I recommend putting them into a ziplock or freezer bag to keep them free from freezer burn. 
Golden Milk Nice Cream West End Tea Co.
When chocolate is melted, bust out the Golden Milk Choc-Tops and enjoy!
Golden Milk Nice Cream
Side Note: I had some left over waffle cones, chocolate and pistachos so I decided to dip them in chocolate and pistachios as well.. they were delicious kept in the freezer with some vanilla ice cream later! 
Golden Milk Nice Cream West End Tea Co.


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