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Matcha Face Mask

Posted by Tess Walker on
Let’s revert back to our inner child this week where we get to smear food all over our face, YAY! But this isn’t all for just fun and games, no, no, no. We are multi-tasking here – having fun and indulging in a beautifying pampering sesh.
Matcha Face Mask West End Tea Co.
With just two house-hold ingredients you have a natural, antioxidant-filled face mask that will do you wonders. As you can probably already tell from the images in this blog post, the face mask contains matcha tea – the element that makes the mask look the perfect shade of Shrek-green. The second ingredient used is raw honey. It’s as simple as that! Now, here is where I tell you all the wonderful benefits these two ingredients have on your skin.
We already know that matcha tea is pumped full of antioxidants that make it super beneficial to drink. These same properties are just as beneficial for your skin, especially the antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which helps to reduce inflammation and even-up the skin tone. Matcha Face Mask West End Tea Co.
Honey, on the other hand, is naturally antibacterial which means it is great for acne treatment and prevention. Mix the two together and hey-presto, you’ve got yourself a natural, skin-rejuvenating face mask. So, what are you waiting for? Get pampering!
Matcha Face Mask West End Tea Co.
1 tsp Matcha Green Tea
1 tsp Raw Honey
1. Mix in small container until matcha powder is fully dissolved in honey Matcha Face Mask West End Tea Co.
2. Once combined, use fingers to rub mask onto your face in a circular motion, avoiding the eye area.
Matcha Face Mask West End Tea Co.
3. Relax for 5- 10 mins then wash away with warm water.
Matcha Face Mask West End Tea Co.

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