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Green tea. EW! Milk. EW! Green tea and Milk, EW! EW! EW! you hear Jimmy Fallon’s 13 year-old alter ego, Sara, ring out between your ears. You wonder, how this concoction could ever taste good. This is usually the very first thought that crosses people’s minds when they are finally told what the hell Matcha lattes are.

Matcha is essentially powdered green tea. It has a strong botanical flavour that is followed by a lingering sweet creaminess when paired with a delicious milk (my fav is soy). It is hailed a hangover cure, with metabolism enhancing benefits and is packed full of concentrated antioxidants.

If you thought your average green tea was good for you, times that by then and you have the benefits of matcha. Caffeine-wise, it contains about half of the amount of coffee – which is pretty darn impressive for tea! BUT!

Before you scoff and shrug off it off, you should know that the caffeine hit is much more intense and lasts much longer than coffee (mwaha, now I have your attention again). Matcha contains L-Theanine which produces a calming, and relaxing effect. This means that your caffeine high increases, remains stable for a period of time and then slowly tapers off with no withdrawal-like symptoms.

Basically, Matcha is amazing – there is no doubt about it. But as I touched on before, many people are put off by the thought of what it would taste like. There is, however, an art to making this that optimises a flavour that is so tasty you won’t ever look back. Now you can all finally stop lying about liking the taste of coffee. EW!

Matcha Tea Latte | How to brew at home | West End Tea Co.

What you're going to need 

250ml Milk

60ml boiled hot water

1-2 teaspoons of matcha powder

matcha whisk

What to do

1. In a milk pan pour the 60ml of boiled hot water, and add matcha

2. Whisk the matcha powder into the water vigorously in a zig zag motion until tea is dissolved and froth comes about. 

3. Add milk to the matcha mixture, and slowly heat the milk on a low setting (be sure not to boil). Whisking the tea to mix it together. 

4. Once heated, serve. 

Matcha Tea Latte | How to brew at home | West End Tea Co. Matcha Tea Latte | How to brew at home | West End Tea Co.

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