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Vegan Golden Milk Overnight Oats

Posted by Tess Walker on

To all those people who are not morning people, I repeat: are not morning people this one is for you! You know how it goes…you wake up in the morning to the sun trickling in over your closed eyes, just as little bluebirds begin to whistle a lovely song into your ear. All of the magical creatures in all of the fairy-tale land gather to your side to get you out of bed and dressed exquisitely in the most delightful way…and then you wake up (really, this time), realising that is was all a dream – that the birds singing was just your annoying alarm, and the magical creatures were just your seven cats meowing for food, because, you remember, this does not happen in real life.   

Golden Milk Overnight Oats West End Tea Co.

On a good day I snooze my alarm twice only; I roll out of bed – literally roll, commando style – onto the floor, which I might add, is covered in clothes; I then wipe the drool off my face and carry my sorry ass to the shower, only to then realise I have T-minus 20 minutes to get out the door and in the car on my way to work.

Golden Milk Overnight Oats West End Tea Co.

Sure, I can do my hair and face in 15 minutes, but scheduling in 3 outfit changes and 2 minutes of key-finding manic into the remaining 5 minutes is a little tough. More importantly, where in the world is the time to eat breakfast – where?! I am not one to skip breakfast, no siree, because we all know that breakfast food is the best kind of food, and can I go all day without experiencing that deliciousness? I don’t think so! I am the type of person who eats cereal for dinner, and just as Beyonce once said “I ain’t sorry”. So, it is for the many reasons mentioned above, that I have graced you all with a breakfast recipe so convenient that getting ready in 20 minutes will be a walk in the park.

Golden Milk Overnight Oats West End Tea Co.

Overnight Oats are just oats that have been soaked overnight (I know, it was a shock to me too, the name is just so misleading). They are a yummy, nutritious breakfast option that you can prep the night before so that you wake up, get dressed, get a spoon, dig in and head out the door. With the base recipe being equal parts oats and liquid, the flavour combos are endless. I have however, created a delicious recipe using West End Tea Co Golden Milk Blend that will boost the nutrition content and enhance the flavour.  You can make them in any vessel you desire – trust me, you do not have to use those jars that make you look immediately like a hipster cooking God, a simple container will also do the job. But, thumbs up to recycling your jars people, good stuff.

Golden Milk Overnight Oats West End Tea Co.

Enough of my rambling, and here we go!

1 cup oats

1 cup milk of your choice (i.e. soy, almond milk, milk or water)

1 tsp vanilla

1 tbsp maple syrup

1 tsp Golden Milk Tea Latte Powder

Golden Milk Overnight Oats West End Tea Co.


  1. Place oats and your choice of liquid into container/jar/bowl
  2. Stir until thoroughly combined.
  3. Add maple, vanilla and Golden Milk Turmeric Blend and stir thoroughly.
  4. Cover and place in fridge overnight.
  5. Top with your choice of fruits or muesli the next morning.

Golden Milk Overnight Oats West End Tea Co.

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