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5 Steps to Dealing With a Break-Up

Posted by Tess Walker on
By no means do I have empirical, peer reviewed data, this is a purely uneducated-personal-experience advice. But personal advice from one girlfriend to another is sometimes the best step forward! So if you’re ex- is being a jerk, forget about them and start making up for lost time! 
1. Put down the Nutella spoon, and forget about that tub of salted caramel mocha ice cream that’s been stashed in the freezer. Some say eating is the number one way people deal with stress, (and believe me I know it feels gooood, lets take some more tactical approaches to dealing with that ratbag loser, because you deserve better anyway. 
2. Go for a walk. Although the outside world seems like an annoying place filled with stupid happy couples who don’t know what’s coming for them. A little bit of sunshine, breeze, birds chirping and leg stretching will do you wonders.
3. Self care. In times of emotional crisis (let’s be honest, this is an accurate description of emotional state), self care could not be more important. Get a facial, paint your nails, get a massage, or go and do a yoga class. Do things that makes you feel good about yourself, because you’re number 1 girl and that’s the most important thing!
4. Brew a pot of tea, and set in for a movie marathon. I always find that the ritual of tea is the most centring thing about it. Taking a moment to sit down, to a movie and drinking copious cups of tea helps to keep my mind and hands occupied. My top three break up movies that you can be watched consecutively, without shame might I add are: Legally Blonde; for a little self righteous boost. Under the Tuscan Sun; for being momentarily and *metaphorically* whisked away to Tuscany, because hell, who doesn't day dream about that kinda thing?! Lastly, the classic fav and you can watch one or all of the Bridget Jones Diary Trilogy; because the average loveable girl simply never gets old.
4. If 2,3,4 fails to make you feel better. Revert back to number 1, because eating is the number one way people deal with emotional stress.

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