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Take a ride on our magic Chai carpet

Posted by Tess Walker on

Indian Masala Chai – Just like a warm embrace from the Indian Grandmother you never had. If you think you’re already enchanted by its musky, spicy smells, well just wait till you find out what this brew can do for you. Traditionally, chai is made up of some of the world’s most medicinally active herbs black tea, cinnamon, clove, cardamom and nutmeg to name a few. Chai is like the Captain Planet of teas. While each ingredient is potent on its own, “with their powers combined” they really kick this thing up to level ten! The spices present in chai contain a high level of antioxidants that work to support our bodies’ immune systems and have been seen to be useful when it comes to aiding digestion and quelling nausea. Word on the street is that spices like cinnamon and ginger have also been shown to balance hormones and put period pain on hold. This is one tea that benefits from a good wallop of milk – chai traditionally is brewed with milk. We recommend you use coconut, soy or almond milk, to get the most out of your tea both when it comes to taste and health!



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